Sunday, May 15, 2011

chicken-free nuggets: better than "chicken" nuggets

one of the things that i knew i would miss when i went vegan was chicken. i would have it a lot of my meals and like many other foods, it's tough to avoid when you're vegan, especially when dining out. like, 90% of the menus at most of these places is chicken! however, now that i cook and eat at home a lot more, i've become very good at sniffing out how to make and buy good "substitute" foods.
i'm convinced there's three kinds of vegans: the ones who totally embrace vegetables, the ones who embrace the "substitution" foods and those of us who are kinda in the middle. i lean more toward the last one. not that i don't like veggies in their true form, but i think it's very interesting and actually very challenging to find ways to create and find foods that mimic the things i've always loved to eat while still fitting the vegan profile.
one product that i think hits it out of the park is Health is Wealth's Vegan Chicken-Free Nuggets.

i had them for dinner tonight and i'm still amazed at how good they are. it's not just the taste either, because a product also has to have a good texture and consistency (which it does), otherwise it can actually be kinda gross and tofu hot dogs. still haven't found a good one of those, but that's a topic for another day!

i like the fact that the small list of ingredients are mostly organic (which is why they taste so good) and the main ingredients are protein based. one serving is 14 grams, which isn't bad, considering you need anywhere from 40-70 grams a day.

and now that i pay closer attention to where my food comes from, i was pretty shocked to learn about where my chicken nuggets came from before. it was when i was watching the first season of jamie oliver's food revolution that i discovered this interesting tidbit of info. he did an experiment that, for some reason, didn't deter a group of hungry kids from eating what was basically garbage:


i'll take my nuggets any day over a bunch of skin, cartilage and preservatives shaped into a cute little patty. there's hardly any chicken in them! just because it may look and taste pleasant doesn't mean it's any good for you. seriously, who the hell would ever want to eat another fast food or processed chicken nugget after knowing that it's just leftover shit? gross.

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